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lance aba60012d2 adding more tasks for cleaning up items and notifying 4 years ago
lance 636917345d allow gunicorn host header for prometheus 4 years ago
lance a51f8ad639 revert gunicorn hardcode - didn't work as expected 4 years ago
lance 7d2a95e014 hardcode gunicorn host allowance for prometheus to access without needing to put it in all .envs 4 years ago
lance a001f90544 add simple url/view for sending user to a read-only grafana dashboard snapshot 4 years ago
lance 92515e7c1b instrument application with prometheus and adding grafana + dashboards 4 years ago
lance 84dac32f68 add make commands, refactor docker files in new folder, minor settings update 4 years ago
lance 74c4df0d93 remove email 4 years ago
lance b0a0d5d89f add email to the list of social links 4 years ago
lance 9fd35da352 upgrade font awesome, adjust some css, update templates, add help page 4 years ago
lance c4e79deb15 fix new task cron attributes and adding social media/contact info 4 years ago
lance 0c845aa4fe fix explorer searching debug issue and make correct_rpc official 4 years ago
lance acf2220301 add blockchain explorer and supporting tag so we can search transaction ids 4 years ago
lance 2c2ce8ab24 refactor sale payment tasks 4 years ago
lance 3572fcaa29 setting up caching and bumping django version 4 years ago
lance 668650909f rename donate to tip 4 years ago
lalanza808 ba4e8894ff add donations and fix up some static 4 years ago
lalanza808 aa46f3015c make default fee be 0 4 years ago
lalanza808 13c7fcd745 todo item and remove a print stmt 4 years ago
lalanza808 0210715937 drop the middleware, refactor address transfer, update content, remove locations 4 years ago
lalanza808 398481a78e mostly visual stuff, couple todo items 4 years ago
lalanza808 cf81b7f409 switching mail services to mailgun 4 years ago
lalanza808 e68125ff3b enforce unique email address and drop platform fee to 5% 5 years ago
lalanza808 4a3cfa4886 making app sendgrid compatible to circumvent ses 5 years ago
lalanza808 d3630d0114 revamp email section to allow more env vars1 5 years ago
lalanza808 f8e9fd0d62 adding cors helper for static asset 5 years ago
lalanza808 7478caf99b init 5 years ago